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If you have applied for and been denied Social Security Disability or SSI, call The Law Offices of Paul F. Guthrie in Lexington, Kentucky, to fight for your benefits. I'm qualified and ready to help you. If you have not applied yet, my law offices can give you advice on how to maximize your prospects for approval.

Winning Your Benefits

Many people are denied after their initial application for Social Security Disability. This is discouraging, but I am sorry to say it is normal. Your real chance to win your benefits comes after that initial denial, when I get a chance to appeal your case, and eventually have it decided by a judge and not a lower level worker than before.

Social Security

The Social Security Administration is pretty slow, and you will have a long wait to get your case decided. I am sorry to tell you that the average case is taking about a year and half to resolve in Central and Eastern Kentucky.
Winning these cases is easier for a person 50 years old or older but, with sufficient proof, they can be won for a person of any age. We have to be able to prove to the judge that you are unable to perform any job which exists in substantial numbers in the United States, even sedentary work, that is, work which you can do with very little physical or mental effort.
We establish your inability to work through medical records and other opinions of medical doctors or other health professionals, such as psychologists or social workers. This may take the form of just medical reports, or may be forms your doctor fills out at my request, or letters written by the doctor. These have to address the various physical or mental issues which prevent you from working.
How you became disabled is not important. Whether you are so disabled that you can't work is the only question.
I have handled these cases in Central and Eastern Kentucky for over 30 years. Attorney fees in these cases are set by law. The attorney receives 25% of the back pay owed to you by Social Security up to a maximum of $6,000. In both Social Security cases and SSI cases, the government withholds this money and pays it directly to the attorney. If I win your case, at the end of your case, I will ask you to reimburse me for expenses I have advanced. If I don't win, there is no fee.
We are in this together. I have to win your case to get paid. Things move very slowly in these cases, so call today so we can set up an appointment, get some forms completed and file your appeal; phone or office consultations are also free so give me a call.
Contact me in Lexington, Kentucky, to schedule an appointment to discuss your Social Security Disability case.