Accident Cases

Accident Lawyer

For more than 40 years, I have handled accident cases in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Depending on what kind of accident it is, there are different time limits for filing your case. You need to call as soon as possible after you are injured so that a thorough investigation can be conducted, and to make sure these time limits are not missed. If you are hurt in an automobile accident while on the job, you may have both an automobile accident case and a workers' compensation case. Types of accidents I work on include:

• Car Wrecks • Slip & Fall Cases • Collapse of Furniture • Other Accidents

In accident cases, there are several important elements. First of all, we must be able to prove that someone else was at fault for your injury. For example, take a car wreck case. We need to prove that the other driver crossed the center line, hit you in the rear, or otherwise operated his or her vehicle in such a way as to cause an accident. We can make a recovery for you even if the accident was partially your fault, but not entirely your fault.

The next element is what lawyers call damages. If a case keeps you from working and you lose wages, your case is worth more than the same case would be for a person who wasn't working. The amount of your medical bills also constitutes damages. You are entitled to be repaid for your medical bills even if your own health insurance has paid them. This is because the person who is at fault for injuring you is not entitled to take advantage of the fact that you have obtained medical insurance.

Another element of damages is your pain and suffering. This one is harder to put an exact figure on, but is there nonetheless, and in some instances is the biggest part of the case.

These cases are expensive to pursue. Doctors must be paid for their time in giving testimony; court reporters must be paid for transcribing their testimony, and in most instances, taking video of the testimony; other witnesses must be questioned under oath, again involving court reporters; and there are mileage and telephone expenses.

During the time your case is being litigated, I advance that money to you if you are unable to pay it. Most injured people aren't able to pay it.
My fee in these cases is generally 1/3. Unless I win, there is no fee at all. Phone or office consultations are also free, so give me a call.